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Empirical study of the relation between economic growth and volatility : the case of China check Full Text
Liang, Jiao Jiao Ho, Wai Hong 2017. Master
Empirical research on the property design of e-MOPs
Wong, Im Heng Guo, Jing Zhi 2023. Master
Empirical research on management accounting system of a non-profit organisation (NPO) in Macao
Pou, Ma Lei Gift, Michael Joseph 2011. Master
Empirical research on diffusion of blockchain-based philanthropic technology in China check Full Text
Chen, Shu Yi Guo, Jing Zhi 2021. Master
Empirical likelihood test for the product of means check Full Text
Deng, Min Liu, Zhi 2018. Master
Empirical likelihood and general relative error criterion with divergent dimension check Full Text
Liu, Yi Ming Liu, Zhi 2015. Master
Empirical comparisons of the functional forms of intertemporal demand systems
Gao, Long Wong, Ka Kei 2014. Master
Empirical analysis on Chinese online P2P lending check Full Text
Lu, Qi Hui Yuan, Jia 2013. Master
Empirical analysis of the relationship between economic growth and transportation : a case study of Guangdong province check Full Text
Li, Jing Sun, Guang-Zhen 2017. Master
Empirical analysis of criminal sentencing documents in China : three examples check Full Text
Xin, Yan Yu Cai, Tian Ji 2021. Doctoral
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