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Novel materials and methods for PCR enhancement on digital microfluidics / check Full Text
Shen, Ren Jia, Yanwei 2021. Doctoral
Energy efficient sensing interface and systems for Internet of everything application / check Full Text
Wu, Jiang Chao Law, Man Kay 2021. Doctoral
Towards a four-tiered model of mediation (against the background of a narrative of social sub-systems in constant cross-fertilization) / check Full Text
Luz Dos Santos, Hugo Miguel 汪超 2021. Doctoral
The interface between intellectual property rights and competition law : the case of misuse of patent rights in the European Union pharmaceutical sector / check Full Text
Virtosu, Ina Svetlicinii, Alexandr 2021. Doctoral
Study on SIRT3-mediated lipid mobilization in adipocyte-hepatocyte loop, and the anti-inflammatory property of SIRT3 activator AEDC / check Full Text
Zhang, Tian Lin, Li Gen 2021. Doctoral
論商法中的 "企業" / check Full Text
馬哲 唐曉晴 2021. Doctoral
Quality evaluation of Ophiopogon japonicus based on comprehensive components analysis / check Full Text
Leong, Fong Chen, Xiao Jia 2021. Doctoral
Zebrafish larvae as a visual animal model to evaluate the biofate and anti-cancer effect of nanomedicines in vivo / check Full Text
Tao, Jin Song Zheng, Ying 2021. Doctoral
Cooperative collision avoidance and distributed consensus control for vehicle platoon systems / check Full Text
Yu, Guo Kuan Wong, Pak Kin 2021. Doctoral
Slot antennas with advanced functionalities under multi-resonant modes / check Full Text
Xu, Yan Hui Zhu Lei 2022. Doctoral

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