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Understanding Chinese L2 writing teachers' lesson-planning process with English textbooks : a case study check Full Text
Li, Meng Yuan Yu, Shu Lin 2022. Master
Exploring the effect of social control and self-control on deviant and risky behaviour among college students in Macau check Full Text
Po, Pek Chi Zhao, Rao Hui 2022. Master
Pharmacological study on TCM-derived mitophagy inducers and drug target identification
Xie, Li Ming 路嘉宏 2022. Master
情緒詞彙運用於小四年級中文科情緒教育之行動研究 check Full Text
張嘉善 林建榮 2022. Master
Exploring intrinsic motivation as a mediator between student's science self-efficacy and performance in PISA 2015 : a comparison of four Chinese economies check Full Text
Wei, Xun Rong 張國祥 2022. Master
Exploring the relationship between family socio-economic status and after-school tutoring for kindergarten and primary students check Full Text
Lin, I Man 黃素君 2022. Master
Comparing the moderating effects of teachers and non-teachers on work stress and its outcomes by resilience and neuroticism check Full Text
Piao, Lin Mei 施達明 2022. Master
Investigation of the thermal performance of low voltage electric cables under the overcurrent condition check Full Text
Ng, Wa Chon Tam, Lap Mou 2022. Master
Inconsistencies in convicting virtual property theft : based on 52 judicial cases in China check Full Text
Wu, Si Nan Cai, Tian Ji 2022. Master
Dynamic curriculum learning for dialogue system
Chen, Guan Hua Wong, Fai 2022. Master

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