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Pharmaceutical patent valuation based on technology innovation and applications in the industry check Full Text
胡元佳 王一濤 2009 Doctoral
anticancer effects of Yanhusuo San : mechanism of actions study check Full Text
Gao, Jian Li 王一濤 2009 Doctoral
Chemical and pharmacological studies on angiogenesis inhibitors from Salvia miltiorrhiza check Full Text
Li, Peng 王一濤 2008 Doctoral
generalized 3D pulse width modulator for multi-level voltage source inverters in three-phase four-wire power systems check Full Text
Dai, Ning Yi 韓英鐸 2007 Doctoral
model of multiple identifications of professionals in the workplace check Full Text
Liu, Yan Lam, Long Wai 2011 Doctoral
concordancia plural variavel no sintagma nominal do Portugues reestruturado da comunidade de Almoxarife, Sao Tome (desenvolvimento das regras de concordancia variaveis no processo de transmissao-aquis check Full Text
Figueiredo, Carlos Filipe Guimaraes Baxter, Alan Norman 2010 Doctoral
Multiple-bandgap defected ground structure and its applications to highly selective microwave bandpass filters check Full Text
Ting, Sio Weng Tam, Kam Weng 2008 Doctoral
Eigenvalues statistics for restricted trace ensembles check Full Text
Zhou, Da Sheng Qian, Tao 2010 Doctoral
Qualitative analysis of polysaccharides from natural Cordyceps sinensis check Full Text
Guan, Jia 李紹平 2011 Doctoral
Anti-oxidative and pro-oxidative effects of curcuminoids on cellular senescence in aging and cancer check Full Text
Li, Ying Bo 王一濤 2011 Doctoral

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