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Studies on the anti-Rheumatoid arthritis components and mechanisms of glycine tabacina / check Full Text
Tu, Yan Bei 何承偉 2021. Doctoral
Drug utilization of analgesics in China : major findings and health policy implications / check Full Text
Shi, Hong Hao 胡豪 2021. Doctoral
Synthetic studies toward taxane diterpenes / check Full Text
Hu, Ya Jian Zhao, Jing 2021. Doctoral
Cucurbit[n]uril-based polymeric nanomedicine for responsive payload delivery and cancer therapy / check Full Text
Sun, Chen Wang, Rui Bing 2021. Doctoral
E-commerce giant compliance with the right to data portability of EU data protection law / check Full Text
Zhao, Dan Castro, Paulo Canelas de 2021. Doctoral
醫療糾紛中的機會喪失理論研究 / check Full Text
楊曼曼 稅兵 2021. Doctoral
Targeting SMAD4 mutations using synthetic lethality in colorectal cancer / check Full Text
Shi, Chang Xiang Shim, Joong Sup. 2021. Doctoral
Methodology development and application of time series analysis in biomedical studies / check Full Text
Zhang, Teng Zhang Xiaohua Douglas 2021. Doctoral
Lipids modulate cellular states of human pluripotent stem cells / check Full Text
Xu, Fa Xiang Chen, Guo Kai. 2021. Doctoral
Restoring the degraded region in images via attention-guided convolutional neural networks / check Full Text
Cun, Xiao Dong Pun, Chi Man 2021. Doctoral

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