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Regulating investor protection under Brazilian domestic law : a Chinese investor's perspective focusing on corporate governance, securities market supervision, law enforcement and legal remedy / check Full Text
Tang, Yan Yan 魏丹 2021. Doctoral
Recontextualizing metaphorical frames in international political communications : a case study of Xi's speeches, translations, and news coverage / check Full Text
Zhang, Xiao Yu Sun Yifeng 2021. Doctoral
Representation learning on high-dimensional data for classification and clustering / check Full Text
Feng, Qi Ying Chen, C. L. 2020. Doctoral
Rapid regulation of insulin on mitochondrial respiration and cardiac differentiation induced by ion channel modulation from human pluripotent stem cells / check Full Text
Ren, Zhi Li Chen, Guo Kai 2021. Doctoral
Re-evaluation of the investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) from the perspective of sovereign participants and investment dispute resolution under China's Belt and Road initiative / check Full Text
Tang, Chao Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal, Prof. 2021. Doctoral
Restoring the degraded region in images via attention-guided convolutional neural networks / check Full Text
Cun, Xiao Dong Pun, Chi Man 2021. Doctoral
Relationism and individualism traits as predictors of Chinese attitudes toward two confession system / check Full Text
Shuai, Hong Ian Liu Jianhong 2021. Doctoral
Revisit the impact of grit on academic achievement in a Chinese context / check Full Text
Lam, Ka Lai Zhou, Ming Ming 2021. Doctoral
Regulating street vendors in urban China : soft law enforcement, dirty institution, and adaptations of vendors / check Full Text
Jiang, An Li 徐建華 2020. Doctoral
Role of a novel gene C53A5.6 in intestinal morphogenesis and autophagic cell death in C. elegans / check Full Text
Cheng, Xiao Xiang Zhang, Hong Jie 2020. Doctoral

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