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Local topology of social networks in supporting recommendations and diversity identification of reviews check Full Text
Zou, Hai Tao Gong, Zhi Guo 2015 Doctoral
Labor reallocation, migration and productivity growth in China check Full Text
Zhuo, Shuai He Mirrlees, James A. 2016 Doctoral
Low-power high-linearity and area-efficient switched capacitor filters design techniques in nanoscale CMOS check Full Text
Zhao, Yao Hua Martins, Rui Paulo 2015 Doctoral
The late eighteenth-century confluence of British-German sentimental literature: Goethe's absorption of Mackenzie's The Man of Feeling, and Jane Austen's parody of Goethe's Die Leiden des jungen Werth
Jiang Xiao Hu Matthew Gibson 2018 Doctoral
Low-power cascaded delta-sigma modulator for wideband telecommunication applications /
Qi Liang Sin, Sai-Weng 2019 Doctoral
Linear representation based classifiers and its applications /
Shu Ting Zhang, Yi Bo 2019 Doctoral
Liquidity, higher co-moments and expected return : evidence from international stock markets / check Full Text
Dong, Liang Lam, Siu Kwan 2019. Doctoral
Long-lived iridium (III) complexes probes for luminescent detection of protein biomarkers and their activity / check Full Text
Li, Guo Dong Leung, Chung-Hang 2020. Doctoral
Lipid profile reprogramming in the regulation of ovarian cancer peritoneal metastasis / check Full Text
Zhang, Qing Yu Lee, Tsz On 2020. Doctoral
Low complexity channel estimation for millimeter-wave massive MIMO communication systems / check Full Text
Wu, Xian Da Ma, Shao Dan 2021. Doctoral

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