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Laboratory and numerical investigation on the slurry infiltration in granular media considering viscosity effects check Full Text
Lu, Zhao Zhou, Wan Huan 2022. Doctoral
Low-power C-PHY transceiver check Full Text
Han, Mei Chen, Yong 2022. Master
Linking parental meta-emotion philosophy and adolescents' mental health : the mediating role of filial piety check Full Text
Zhang, Ya Jun 陳薇文 2022. Master
Local environmental policy implementation : water pollution prevention and control in Guangzhou / Yun Xin Cao. check Full Text
Cao, Yun Xin 何秋祥 2022. Doctoral
Leadership during crisis : a study on the after-school training industry in China check Full Text
Lin, Qi Jiao Loi, Chi Ho 2022. Doctoral
Limit theorems for time series and stochastic algorithms check Full Text
Lu, Jian Ya Xu, Li Hu 2022. Doctoral
Language attitudes and linguistic adaptation of mainland Chinese students in a higher education institution in Macao check Full Text
Kuong, Ieng Ieng Chan Hok Shing Brian 2022. Master
Local autonomy and the Beidi belief in a Ming-Qing Foshan village check Full Text
Li, Zhi Qian 王笛 2022. Master
Learned helplessness and motivation among Chinese university students: : the mediating role of psychological needs check Full Text
Lai, Chon Hei Chen, Fu 2023. Master
Lifespan age synthesis with decorrelation constraints and geometry guidance
Zhang, Ling Qing Pun, Chi Man 2023. Master
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