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Exponential decay of the remainder of the unwinding blaschke expansion check Full Text
Li, Si Min Qian, Tao 2017. Master
Export and economic growth : the case of China
Mu, Zhuo Jun Chen, Yu 2013. Master
Exposing splicing forgery by supervised learning check Full Text
Liu, Bo Pun, Chi Man 2020. Doctoral
Exposure and health assessment in workers manufacturing cerium and lanthanum oxide ultrafine and nanoparticles check Full Text
Li, Yan 卞鷹 2017. Doctoral
Exposure assessment of bus passengers to PM10 in Macau check Full Text
Chio, Chon Wai Mok Kai Meng 2017. Master
Expressões idiomáticas em português europeu para alunos chineses : competências e ensino = European Portuguese idiomatic expressions for Chinese learners : competences and teaching check Full Text
Wang, Cheng Xu Grosso, Maria José 2018. Doctoral
Extended Kamada-Kawai for unfolding and boundary node detection in ad hoc network check Full Text
Cheong, Se Hang Si, Yain Whar 2016. Master
External relations of Hong Kong and Macao Special Administration Region under "One Country, Two Systems"
Wu, Zhi Lei Wang Jianwei 2013. Master
Extract, attend, classify : aspect-based sentiment analysis with deep self-attention network check Full Text
Lyu, Yi Wei Zhou, Jian Tao 2019. Master
Extracting usage patterns from collaboration systems
Cheang, Koc Wai 2007. Master
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