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A cognitive approach to OUT in English and CHU in Modern Mandarin Chinese check Full Text
Neves, Brigida Cristina Cardoso das Pang, Kam Yiu 2015. Master
A cognitive study of the polyseme "Tao" in the Analects and its implications for translation check Full Text
Cao, Xiao Bao Pang, Kam Yiu 2020. Master
A cohesive crack model to simulate masonry structure and predict of crack pattern using extended finite element method (XFEM) check Full Text
Ng, Im I Lam, Chi Chiu 2021. Master
A collection of toolkit strains distinct localization and dynamics of membrane-associated transcripts in epithelia check Full Text
Li, Zhi Min Zhang, Hong Jie 2021. Doctoral
A compact difference scheme for fractional sub-diffusion equations with the spatially variable coefficient under Neumann boundary conditions check Full Text
Lyu, Pin Vong, Seak Weng 2015. Master
A comparability study between the joint admision examination and the earlier admission examination papers in Macao : a content analysis
Ho, Oi Kuan Kunnan, Antony John 2018. Master
A comparartive case study of environmental disclosure in the oil industries of China and the UK check Full Text
Zhang, Wen Ting 2018. Master
A comparative analysis of corporate social disclosure of two Macao gaming operators check Full Text
Wong, Im Na Noronha, Carlos 2020. Master
A comparative analysis of global environmental regime-climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion check Full Text
Huang, Heng Fei Song Weiqing 2015. Master
A comparative analysis of news frames on Diaoyu Islands dispute among three Chinese TV stations check Full Text
Zhao, Xiao Xi Chen, Huai Lin 2013. Master
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