UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Subversive cosmology in the Zhuangzi : a reevaluation of the early Chinese cosmos check Full Text
Espinoza, Manuel Rivera Moeller Hans-Georg 2020. Doctoral
Adaptive neural network consensus control of nonlinear multi-agent systems check Full Text
Wen, Guo Xing Chen, C. L. 2014. Doctoral
Design and preparation of nanomaterials for renewable energy conversion and storage check Full Text
Zhong, Xiong Wei Pan Hui 2019. Doctoral
Advances in nonnegative matrix factorization and its applications check Full Text
Yan, Wei Zhang, Yi Bo 2019. Doctoral
Development of cyano structures for optical and chiroptical sensing check Full Text
Tan, Jing Yun Zhang, Xuan Jun 2019. Doctoral
Toward high performance chlorinated organic semiconducting materials : synthesis and applications in cellular imaging check Full Text
Mo, Dai Ze 張慶文 2020. Doctoral
Representation learning on high-dimensional data for classification and clustering check Full Text
Feng, Qi Ying Chen, C. L. 2020. Doctoral
Cultural variations in autonomous and relational helping motivations, and their influence on subjective well-being check Full Text
Feng, Chun Guo, Tie Yuan 2020. Doctoral
2-methoxy-6-acetyl-7-methyljuglone (MAM), a natural product, killscancer cells by targeting NQO1 check Full Text
Yu, Jie 陳修平 2020. Doctoral
Enhancing neural machine translation via linguistic information check Full Text
Yang, Bao Song Wong, Fai 2019. Doctoral

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