UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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A subjetividade do tradutor na perspetiva hermenêutica : uma análise da tradução de Almas Transviadas check Full Text
Du, Yan Tong 姚京明 2017. Master
周遠棋 陳美燕 2013. Master
澳門青少年運動鞋消費特性、探索性購買行為傾向與消費資訊來源使用之研究 check Full Text
黃耀明 陳美燕 2013. Master
Research on issues of the implementation of international treaties in China
Du, Ya Xiong 劉高龍 2010. Master
Protection of minority rights : issues and challenges in international law and Chinese law
Xie, Yang Wei Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal 2010. Master
高速逆流色譜法製備分離香附中香附烯酮和ΑLPHA-香附酮 / Preparative separation of cyperotundone and α-cyperone from Cyperus rotundus by high speed counter-current chromatography / Wong Wai Ieng. check Full Text
黃慧盈 張慶文 2013. Master
不同粒徑薑黃素納米混懸液的體外抗腫瘤活性、細胞攝取及大鼠體內藥動學研究 / Particle size effect of curcumin nanosuspensions on the in-vitro anticancer activity, cellular uptake and in-vivo pharmacokinetics / Bi Chao. check Full Text
畢超 Zheng, Ying 2013. Master
廣藿香化學成分研究 / Chemical study on Pogostemon cablin / Li Ping. check Full Text
李萍 張慶文 2013. Master
葫蘆素B誘導腫瘤細胞DNA損傷導致G2/M期細胞週期阻滯 / Cucurbitacin B induced DNA damage causes G2/M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells / Guo Jiajie. check Full Text
郭佳傑 陳修平 2013. Master
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile components in Curcuma longa based on virtual (digital) chemical standards check Full Text
Aoli, Mei Jun 李紹平 2013. Master

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