UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Credit risk measurement in China's banking sector /
Yang, Andy Fu Xiao Qing 2007. Master
Effect of chloride on biological nutrient removal from wastewater /
Hong, Chon Choi Shim, Hojae 2007. Master
澳門粤劇初探 = A preliminary study of Cantonses Opera in Macao /
王朝蟬 李簡 2007. Master
陳子龍與幾社研究 = The research of Chan Chi-Long and Ji She /
龍潤華 鄧國光 2007. Master
論"美麗街"與澳門文化氣質 : 澳門副刊文學研究 = A discussion of "Macao Daily.The Beautiful Street" and the Macao culture quality : Macao supplement literature studies /
Lyu, Pin 龔剛 2007. Master
論二十世紀九十年代女性"私人化"寫作 = The privatization of female 'personal' writings in the 1990s /
張曈 龔剛 2007. Master
As relacoes entre a Constituicao da Republica Popular da China e a Lei Basica da Regiao Administrativa Especial de Macau /
Lam, Chai Teng Andrade José Carlos Vieira de 2007. Master
Analytical investigation of block shear of coped beams with welded clip angles connection /
Guo, Dong Iu, Vai Pan 2007. Master
The study on a Chinese calligraphy font generation /
Lei, Sio Cheong Li, Xiao Shan 2007. Master
Economic valuation of the cultural heritage in Macao /
Ma, Ruo Wei, 陳錫僑 2007. Master

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