UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author Supervisor arrow_drop_up Issue Date Degree
Beyong ''ideological determinism'' : A multi-factor proximity framing study of international terrorism coverage check Full Text
Yang, Liu Chen, Huai Lin 2017. Doctoral
Explore the phenomenon of clickbait in mobile news apps check Full Text
Cen, Jiao Jiao Chen, Huai Lin 2017. Master
New preprocessing methods of Raman spectra and their evaluation check Full Text
Wu, Ying Wen Chen, Long 2017. Master
Approximate fuzzy kernel clustering using random Fourier feature mapping check Full Text
Kong, Ling Ning Chen, Long 2017. Master
Use of new media in event promotion : a study of 2015 China (Macau) International Automobile Exhibition check Full Text
Zhang, Xin Lu Chen, Ni 2017. Master
Image building : a case study of the University of Macau check Full Text
Feng, Hai Yin Chen, Ni 2017. Master
The rescue of Troika in Portugal : governance and conditionality check Full Text
Zhou, Xiang Chen, Xin 2017. Master
Collapsing limits of the continuity method on Calabi-Yau fibrations check Full Text
Zhang, Ya Shan Chen, Yang 2017. Doctoral
Four problems in random matrices check Full Text
Lyu, Shu Lin Chen, Yang 2017. Doctoral
Random matrices, orthogonal polynomials and difference equations check Full Text
Chen, Hong Mei Chen, Yang 2017. Doctoral

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