UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

Title Author arrow_drop_up Supervisor Issue Date Degree
Automatically organizing information resources in WWW
Ho, Cheuk Wai 2002 Master
A aprendizagem do portugues e o ingresso na funcao public, nas decadas de '80 e '90 / check Full Text
Ho, Silvia Ribeiro Osorio 2002. Master
Seasonal behaviors of PM10 and SO2 concentrations in association with the meteorological conditions of Macau / check Full Text
Hoi, Ka In Mok Kai Meng 2002. Master
Hierarchy in The Chronicles of Narnia / check Full Text
Ito, Sumiko Guthrie, William 2002. Master
Grammatical constraints on Chinese/Portuguese code-switching in Macao / check Full Text
Kong, Kam Leng Schaetzel, Kirsten 2002. Master
The stress intensity factors for deep semi-elliptical surface crack in finite-thickness plate / check Full Text
Kuok, Kin Man Kou, Kun Pang 2002. Master
An investigation of potential application of ground source heat pump systems for energy saving in Macau / check Full Text
Lai, Kin Hou Tam, Lap Mou 2002. Master
Bilingual education for secondary schools in Macao / check Full Text
Lai, Kin Peng Xu, Feng Ying 2002. Master
Online re-configurable abnormal & hazard status monitoring and advisory system based on generic fault model / check Full Text
Lan, Ting 韓英鐸 2002. Master
Using genetic algorithms and boosting for data preprocessing / check Full Text
Lei, Celestino Babka, Otakar 2002. Master

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