UM E-Theses Collection (澳門大學電子學位論文庫)

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Financial development and inequality : evidence from selected APEC countries /
Choi, Pak Kit Ho, Wai Hong 2008. Master
Free trade and regional integration in a globalized world : the case of Southern Africa Development Community and its impact in Mozambique /
Machava, Almeida Zacarias 魏丹 2008. Master
From disintegration to identity-in-unity : how Fujianese identify their culture in Macau /
Wong, Lam Cheong Chen, Huai Lin 2008. Master
Generalized low-voltage circuit design techniques for very high-speed time-interleaved pipelined ADC /
Sin, Sai-Weng Martins, Rui Paulo 2008. Doctoral
Globalization and environment in China : an empirical study on the Pollution Haven Hypothesis /
Yu, Zhou Zhang Yang 2008. Master
Habit formation in China /
Chan, Fong Ieong Toche, Patrick 2008. Master
Hierarchical classification of web pages /
Wang, Yi Gong, Zhi Guo 2008. Master
High-order finite difference methods for solving convection diffusion equations /
Chiang, Weng Cheng, Venus Sun, Hai Wei 2008. Master
Hilbert-Huang Transform and its application in biomedical signals = 希爾伯特變換及其在生物信號中的應用 /
Pan, Na Chen, Wei Ji 2008. Master
How does business group affiliation affect firm performance? : an empirical study in China /
Yan, Shuang Shuang Li, Guo Qiang 2008. Master

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