International Organization Publications (國際組織出版品)
Title Author▲ Organization Year
Capital flight and war / Davies, Victor A. B. World Bank 2007
Returns to capital in microenterprises : evidence from a field experiment / De Mel, Suresh;McKenzie, David;Woodruff, Christopher World Bank 2007
Measuring microenterprise profits : don't ask how the sausage is made / De Mel, Suresh;McKenzie, David;Woodruff, Christopher World Bank 2007
Disarming fears of diversity : ethnic heterogeneity and state militarization, 1988-2002 / De Soysa, Indra ;Neumayer, Eric World Bank 2007
Consumption risk, technology adoption, and poverty traps : evidence from Ethiopia / Dercon, Stefan;Christiaensen, Luc World Bank 2007
Poverty and regional development in Eastern Europe and Central Asia / Dillinger, William R., World Bank 2007
The causes of civil war / Djankov, Simeon;Reynal-Querol, Marta World Bank 2007
Corporate Governance and Merger and Acquisition Foreign Direct Investment : firm-level evidence from Japanese Foreign Direct Investment into the US / Dlba D. Joseph;Park, Donghyun;Wang, Peiming Asian Development Bank 2009
Poverty, social divisions, and conflict in Nepal / Do, Quy-Toan;Iyer, Lakshmi World Bank 2007
Asian century or multi-polar century / Dollar, David World Bank 2007
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