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Author: Choi, Seung Soo
Title: Status of Korean gaming industry and regulation system
Journal Name: Universidade de Macau : Boletim da Faculdade de Direito = 法律學院學報
Pub. Info: No.43, pp. 217-227
Date: 2018
Link: N/A
Keyword: Dorean gaming industry;National Cambling ;Control Commission;China risk;Total Turanover Regulation;Junket Promotor,
Abstract: Korean gaming industry falls into 7 categories including casinos(casinos for natives,foreigner-only casinos),horse racing,cycling race,regata,lottery,sports betting(sports toto),and bull fighting.Korea administers andsupervied gaming inddustry through aeparated dual system,that is CompetentAgencies and National Gambling Control Commission.Among other areas,casino operaters are 17-including 16 foreigner-only casinls and 1 casino for natives.Two IRs are scheduled to be developed in Incheon area and at least four integrated resorts scheduled to be opened by 2020.Casino requires permit for operation;various regulations on activities thereafter.Dual system of permits under the Tourism Promotion Act,and special case permits under various Special Acts.There are 3 types of tax or quasi-tas to be borne by foreigner-only casinos:(1)tourism promotion and development fund,(2)corporate tax,and (3)individual consumption tax.The recent casino-related policy issues are (1)Establishment of Exclusive Agency for Management of Casinos and Improvement of Applicable Laws and Regulations,(2)Total Turnover Regulation,(3)Junket Promotor relateed System,(4)China Risk and China Marketing. Paragraph Headings: 1. Status of Korean gaming industry(2016) 2. Gaming industry management and supervision system 3. Status of Casinos 4. Casino Regulation system 5. Requirements for Casino Business Permit 6. Tax policy related to Casinos 7. Casino-related Policy Issues Tables: 1. Outline of Korean gaming industry 2. Performance of Korean gaming industry 3. Changes in Turnover by Year 4. Changes in No.of Casino Visitors by year,
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