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Author: Antonio, Nelson Santos; Ma, Shao Zhuang
Title: China's special economic zone in Africa: Context, motivations and progress
Journal Name: Euro Asia Journal of Management
Pub. Info: 44, Vol.25, No.1/2, pp. 79-103
Date: 01/12/2015
Link: N/A
Keyword: Special economic zones; China; China-Africa relationship,
Abstract: As more and more countries set foot in Africa, there is a growing attention on China's role and engagement in the region. The approaches are vey diverse and if some are more skeptical, others praise factors that particulary shape China's current move to Africa such as a focus on development cooperation and on establishing strategic partnerships. These would also add that China has had a very positive and influential role in Africa through aiding many countries to solve imminent problems and to assist with knowledge transfer. In this paper, we first discuss the context of the launching of Special Economic Zones in Africa by examining the historic development of the Sino-Africa relationship, and analyze China's motivations for establishing the Special Economic Zones in the continent. Finally, we present the latest progress of the Special Economic Zones' development and discuss how they contribute toward the presence of China in Africa. Paragragh Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Chinese special economic zones 3. China in Africa: five stages 3.1. 1st period: The Chinese aid to Africa in context of the cold war and Bandung Conference (1955-1960) 3.2. 2nd period: The rivalry between China and Soviet Union in Africa (1960-1974) 3.3. 3rd period: Cooperation between China and the United States and the abandonment of Africa by China (1975-1989) 3.4. 4th period: New Chinese interest in Africa (1989-2000) 3.5. 5th period: Strategic partnership in Africa (2000-present) 4. Growing criticisms against China in Africa 5. Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa 5.1. The establishment of SEZs in Africa: an overview 5.2. Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa: the progress 6. Conclusions Figures: 1. China's Special Zones in Africa 2. Structure of concessional loans by EXIM bank China 3. Partners involved on the Pilot Zones Table: 1. Overview of China's official African trade and economic cooperation zones,
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