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Author: Noronha, Carlos
Title: Climate, processes, methods, and results: Four variables of a quality management model
Journal Name: Euro Asia Journal of Management
Pub. Info: 16, pp. 73-87
Date: 01/07/1998
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Keyword: N/A
Abstract: Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. The DoD TQM model 2.1. Quality climate 2.2. Quality processes 2.3. Quality methods 2.4. Quality results 2.5. Key elements in the four- variable modes 3. Research method 3.1. Instrument 3.2. Sample 3.3. Factor analysis 3.4. Structural equation model (SEM) 3.5. Distrubutional assumption and covariance matrix 4. Results 4.1. Assessment of model fit 4.2. Re-assessment of model fit 4.3. Further model assessment 5. Conclusion Tables: 1. Underlying fatcors for each quality variable 2. Covariance matrix in standardized values 3. Comparison of fit indices of the model and the baseline model Figures: 1. TQM model of the department of defense (DoD, 1990) 2. A comprehensive framework for TQM 3. Four-variable model 4. Standardized estimates of the model based on maximum likelihood,
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