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Author: Vong, Fanny C. K.
Title: On humanization of work-expert opinion
Journal Name: Euro Asia Journal of Management
Pub. Info: 15, pp. 59-83
Date: 01/01/1998
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Keyword: N/A
Abstract: Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. What is humanization of work? 3. Methodology 3.1. Instrument 3.2. Sample 4. Findings 4.1. Expert opinion on the measure for "humanization of work" 4.1.1. Significance of the 11 items in measuring "humanization of work" 4.1.2. Manova- Principal components by country cluster 4.2. Expert opinion on humanization of work in the three counrties under study 5. The three groups of experts 5.1. Clustering 5.2. Description of the clusters 6. Conclusion Tables: 1. The 11-item "Humanization of work" bank 2. Distribution of responses by nationality 3. One sample T-test of the 11 items 4. Additional fatcors to be considered 5. Principle components- fatcors and loadings 6. Country clusters and membership 7. MANOVA-fatcors by country cluster 8. Cluster membership- based on fatcor scores 9. MANOVA - factors by fac_clu 10. Summary table- discriminant analysis (Fatcors by fac_clu) 11. Canonical discriminant functions 12. One-way ANOVA- fatcors by fac_clu Figures: 1. Terriotorial map for the three-group discriminant analysis,
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