Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)
Author: Teixeira, António;Trigo, Virginia
Title: Business environment and entrepreneurship in Macau
Journal Name: Euro Asia Journal of Management
Pub. Info: 5, pp. 5-25
Date: 01/08/1993
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Keyword: N/A
Abstract: Paragraph Headings: 1. Trends in the global economic environment and implication for the region 1.1. Trends in the global economy 1.2. What can happen in the future? 1.3. The answer of Southeast Asia 1.4. The role of Japan 1.5. The answer of China 1.5.1. The SEZ of Zhuhai 1.6. Macau: some facts 1.6.1. Characterization of the economic growth of Macau 1.6.2. The current situation 2. Entrepreneurship in Macau 2.1. Organization structure 2.1.1. Technology and structure 2.2. Management processes 2.3. The members of the organization 3. Macau entrepreneurs in action 4. Till 1999 and beyond: The role of the entrepreneur,
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