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Author: Luk, Leung;Fok, Sum;Wong, Wai Shun
Title: The health lifestyles of enrolled nurse students of two nursing schools in Hong Kong
Journal Name: 澳門護理雜誌
Pub. Info: 第13卷第1期, 第30-34頁
Date: 2014.06.01
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Keyword: Health-promoting behaviors;Enrolled nurse students;Religion,
Abstrack: Background Nursing staff is the major group of healthcare professional who take care of clients in different healthcare settings. Are they educated to take good care of themselves before taking care of others? Few studies were conducted to identify the healthy lifestyles of enrolled nurse students who are trained to be professionals in future in Hong Kong. Purpose This study aims to examine the healthy lifestyles of enrolled nurse students from 2 nursing schools in Hong Kong. Any significant relationships of selected demografic variables with health-promoting lifestyles were also investigated. Methods A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted using convenient samples (N=267) of pupil nurses from 2 nursing schools recruited during classes discussiong about holistic health in the year of 2013. The Chinese version of the Health Promotion Lifestyle Profile II (HPLP-II) was given to participants as a self-administrated questionnaire and returned voluntarily. Results Findings showed that physical activity scored the lowest in the health promoting lifistyles, which warrants more attention for nurturing a balanced development of holistic health to enrolled nurse students. Males are more active than females on physical exercises. Religion is found to be a factor that may affect health which should also be further explored. Conclusion This study provides information about the healthy lifestyle of enrolled nurse students which can help school administrators in identifying their training needs. It also provides some ground data for further studying of the holistic health of nuses. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Methods 3. Results 4. Discussion 5. Conclusions Tables: 1. Demographic data 2. Means, SD, minimum and maximum scores of total HPL and its subscales 3. Comparison of mean between sex 4. Comparison of mean between respondents with and without religion,
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