Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)
Author: Ho, Jacky;Mathews, R. Mark;Heard, Rob;Chow, Chin Moi
Title: Differences in sleep of dementia residents between Macao (China) and Sydney (Australia)
Journal Name: 澳門護理雜誌
Pub. Info: 第12卷第2期, 第52-57頁
Date: 2013.12.01
Link: N/A
Keyword: Sleep;Dementia;Nursing home;Light;Activity,
Abstract: Aim:Sleep disturbances are common among dementia residents in nursing home. The study investigates the differences in sleepwake patterns,activity level and light exposure among dementia residents in Sydney Australia and Macao SAR China. Methods:Seventy-seven dementia residents recruited from local nursing homes, sleep-wake activity, levels of light exposure and activity counts were recorded with an Actiwatch for 6 days. The Psychogeriatric Assessment Scale(PAS)was used to examine the level of dementia. Results:All three facilities showed a protracted period of sleep suggestive of hypersomnolence. High PAS scores were correlated with longer TST(nighttime),activity counts per min(daytime and night time). Conclusion:Dementia residents, irrespective of their location, slept longer in total hours and had excessive daytime sleep. Residents experienced low activity level and received low light exposure. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Methods 2. 1. Subjects 2. 2. Measurements 2. 2. 1. Actigraphy 2. 2. 2. The Psychogeriatric Assessment Scales(PAS) 2. 3. Data analyses 3. Results 3. 1. Demographic results 3. 2. Actigraphy data 3. 3. Relationship between PAS Scores, TST, activity count, light exposure and number of awakenings 4. Discussion Tables: 1. Comparison between residents in nursing homes SH,SQT and M. 2. Correlation between measured variables Figures: 1. Mean total sleep time accumulated (day versus night) between the two cities 2. Average light exposure (day versus night) between the two cities,
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