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Author: Jing, Yu Tan;Jin, Xiu Chen;Tao, Wang;Xian, Liang Liu;Li, Qun Yao;Feng, Deng;Yu, Jie Wang
Title: Preliminary curriculum design baccalaureate nursing education in traditional Chinese medicine universities:a Delphi Survey
Journal Name: 澳門護理雜誌
Pub. Info: 第12卷第2期, 第7-15頁
Date: 2013.12.01
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Keyword: Medicine;Chinese traditional;Delphi technique;Curricula;Nursing education;Baccalaureate,
Abstract: Purpose:To identify a preliminary curriculum design for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) baccalaureate nursing programs. Methods:A two-round Delphi survey was performed. All nursing curriculum materials commonly provided by TCM universities were included in a specially designed questionnaire. Forty-three TCM nursing experts were assembled to identify the most appropriate framework for the TCM baccalaureate nursing curriculum. Experts were asked to rate each course item using a 5-point Likert-type scale. The level of consensus for each course item was set at ≥75% of the selection rate of ≥4 points. Results:In the first survey, 27 incongruous subjects were removed or combined to allow for restructuring of new courses. Twenty-eight subjects were identified after the second-round survey, 6 of whom were attributed to a medical foundation module, 6 to a nursing foundation module, 4 to a humanity nursing module, and the remaining 12 to a nursing professional module. Conclusion:A preliminary curriculum comprising 28 subjects was established upon completion of the two-round survey. This curriculum can serve as a framework for TCM universities to restructure their own individual nursing curricula. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Methods 2. 1. Delphi technique 2. 2. Expert panel 2. 3. Questionnaire formation 2. 4. Round one 2. 5. Round two 2. 6. Data analysis 3. Results 3. 1. Demographic profile and experts’ agreement coefficient 3. 2. Round one 3. 3. Round two 4. Discussion 5. Study limitations and future research 6. Conclusion Tables: 1. The preliminary curriculum model designed for the Delphi survey 2. Results after the Two Rounds Survey (Ranking by Each Item’s Mean Score),
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