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Author: Leong, Lap Tong;Lao, Sio Wa;Chio, Hao I
Title: Understanding Watson’s caring model in the self-management program for chronic heart failure patient
Journal Name: 澳門護理雜誌
Pub. Info: 第12卷第1期, 第42-47頁
Date: 2013.06.01
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Keyword: Chronic heart failure;Watson’s caring model;Self-management program,
Abstract: This paper reviewed how elements of the Watson’s caring model were found in self-management program interventions to care for chronic heart failure (CHF) patients. It helped nurses understand the Watson’s model as to enhance the design of their nursing care. The majority of the 10 Watson’s Model carative factors could be identified in the existing CHF self-management programs. However, spiritual care was one factors application would help to facilitate the greatest degree of blessing, achievements and longevity for CHF patient. Paragraph Headings: 1. Background 1. 1. Definition of heart failure 1. 2. Disease prevalence 1. 3. Chronic heart failure self-management 2. Introduction of Watson’s caring model 2. 1. Overview of Watson’s caring model 2. 2. Narrative relationship:carative factors and caritas processes 3. Literature searching 3. 1. Literature searching strategy 3. 2. Criteria for inclusion of the studies 3. 3. Result:chronic heart failure self-management program linked with carative factors 3. 4. Program applying carative factors of “The instillation of faith-hope” and “Development of a helping-trusting, human caring relationship” 3. 5. Interventions focusing on problem solving, transpersonal teaching-learning caring process which assists in fulfilling the basic human needs 3. 6. Provide a supportive environment and acknowledging the expression of feelings 3. 7. Limitation on spiritual care:humanisitcaltruistic system of values and allowance for existential-phenomenonlogical-spiritual forces 4. Conclusion,
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