Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)
Author: Young, Ming Yee
Title: Student satisfaction as an indicator of Macau education service quality
Journal Name: 澳門研究
Pub. Info: 第48期, pp. 126-134
Date: 01/10/2008
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Abstract: Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. The changing student-university relationships 3. Student satisfaction evaluation 4. Factors associating with student satisfaction 5. The present study 6. Satisfaction of service aspects 7. Importance of service aspects 8. Quadrant analysis of satisfaction and importance 9. Conclusions Tables: 1. A profile of the participants in the present study 2. Most satisfactory and least satisfactory aspects of service 3. Most important and least important aspects of service 4. Satisfaction and importance grid 5. Summary of quadrant analysis results Figures: 1. Mapping of student satisfaction and importance,
Location: 1/F Zone B, Macau Corner