Macau Periodical Index (澳門期刊論文索引)
Author: Wu, Zhiwei
Title: Introducing a western scientific work to China: Xu Guangqi and Matteo Ricci's translation of the elements of Geometry
Journal Name: 中西文化研究(停刊)
Pub. Info: 總第13期, 第1期, pp. 104-116
Date: 01/06/2008
Link: N/A
Keyword: Ideology;Patronage;Humanistic environment;The Elements of Geometry,
Abstract: Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Ideologies 3. Patronage 4. Humanistic environment 5. Conclusion Figures: 1. Theoretical framework of Lefevere 2. Theoretical framework adjusted to the case of Xu & Ricci's translation 3. Relationship among ideology,,
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