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Chen, Kaiju
Articulating tactics of discursive humor: a case study of Zhao Benshan's two comic sketches
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Jun. 2010, 總第17期, 第1期, pp. 77-91
Articulation;Discursive humor;Guerrilla tactics;Peasantry images
Abstract : In the current knowledge-economy or information era, effective articulation has become essential to secure and realize one's rights. Different social groups articulate in different discursive forms. The silent majority of Chinese peasants have remained unable to represent themselves. They are, as they have been, represented by others. The outcome of such representation is full of prejudiced images. The peasant-turned comedian, Zhao Benshan, has managed use of discursive humor is one of the key tactics in Zhao's successful articulation. This essay chooses two of Zhao's sketches for case study, attempting to decode the secret of this significant cultural phenomenon: satisfying the need of carnivalesque aura, the enchanting humorous lines in Zhao Benshan's comic sketches contribute to the Trojan Horse effect, winning himself successful articulation in reconstructing comprehensive images of Chinese peasantry, with positive images more than conventional negative ones. Paragraph Headings: 1. Preamble 2. Humor and popular culture: a general review 3. Realization of humor: tones, intonation, and purposeful misuse of language 4. Significant effect of discursive humor 5. Conclusion