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So, Hang Tai
"Ethics of sacrifice" versus "Ethics of tolerance": a critical review of Hong Kong government's tobacco and gambling policies
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Oct. 2006, No.36, pp. 92-104
Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Government ethics and public policy 3. Ethics of sacrifice and tolerance 4. Determination of comprehensive smoke free policy 5. Dedication for gambling liberalization 6. Different policies, different angles? 7. Conclusion: moral values as noble cause for utilitarianism Tables: 1. Jockey Club's turnover from year 1999/00 to 2004/05 2. Changes of turnover in horse racing (1992-2004) 3. Changes of horse racing turnover and consumer price index (I) (1993-2004) 4. Changes of horse racing turnover and umemployment rate (1993-2004) 5. Changes of horse racing turnover and wages 1993-2004