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Zeng, Lingliang
The Chinese practice of international rule of law: great progress in the past thirty years and growing challenges ahead
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Universidade de Macau : Boletim da Faculdade de Direito = 法律學院學報
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2009, No.28, pp. 19-47
International rule of law;Rule of law in China;International law
Abstract : The rule of law, as a governing rationale and / or a principle and / or a strategy, has just been the outcome and the signal of political civilization in China for the most recently past thirty years. The rule of law in the sense of international law is composed o f the rule of law at both national and international levels. China has gained outstanding achievements in practicing international rule of law for the past three decades, such as: putting forward new rationale or principle for the core value and objective embodied in international rule of law; thoroughly participation in international legislation and decision-making; actively supporting the capacity building of rule of law in small and the least-developed countries; accessing to and implementing multilateral treaties with great efforts; creatively settling issues of Hong Kong and Macau as well as other sorts of interstate disputes concerned; and promoting dissemination, teaching and research of international law in China. Looking ahead, increasing challenges must be confronted and cautiously coped with by China in its continuous practice of international rule of law, such as: adaption itself to the humanizing tendency of international law; upgrading its status and influence in international legislative and decision-making bodies; acceptance of jurisdictions of international judicial bodies; perfection of the legislative framework in its external relations; and transformation of its nursing international legal professionals from the current mass-scale model to the elite-oriented model. Paragraph Headings: 1. Outstanding contributions made by China in its practice of international rule of law 2. Some issues to be coped with by China in its practicing international rule of law