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Alhakimi, Wail; Qasem, Aayed
Toward and understanding of marketing strategies in higher education institutions
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Dec. 2014, Vol.24, No.1/2, pp. 23-35
Marketing; Marketing strategies; Higher education institutions; Universities
Abstract : Marketing has become a part of the routine activities of many higher education institutions. However it has not yet become fully embedded within the strategic operations and vision of many higher education institutions especially in private universities of the Less Developed World. This study examined the level of utilization and effectiveness of marketing strategies in Yemen's private universities in recruiting first year students. The results showed that marketing plan and resource analysis strategies were highly utilized and perceived to be highly effective, and market segmentation strategy was least utilized. A positive and significant relationship between usage and perceived effectiveness of all of the fifteen marketing strategies exists. Several challenges and recommendations in utilizing marketing were highlighted and discussed in the study. Paragragh Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Problem statement 3. Research objectives 4. Literature review 5. Research design 6. Results 7. Conclusion and implications Tables: 1. The indicators of Yemen's universities 2. Level of utilization and perceived effectiveness of marketing strategies