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Bayari, Celal
Japanese hybrid factories in Australia: analyzing labor relations and reflecting on the work of Tetsuo Abo
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Dec. 2010, Vol.20, No.2, pp. 111-134
Abstract : This paper provides an analysis of Japanese hybird factories in Australia in a context of labor relations aspect of the Japanese management and production system. The paper argues that the labor relations aspect of the Japanese system is the most successful transfer to Australia. In its second part the paper compares the data from Australia with Tetsuo Abo's research in the UK and the US where 'labor relations' is the most successful transfer detected by Abo. This paper is not a reconstruction of Abo's hybird framework but instead seeks to draw a qualified comparative analysis using Abo's results. The paper argues that there is a parallel between research findings from the UK, the US and Australian in terms of the success of labor relations that is inherent to the Japanese management and production system. It is suggested that future research can investigate this point with larger comparative data sets. Paragraph Headings: 1. Japanese manufacturers in Australia 2. Theorising transnational management 3. Australia labor and management relations at workplace 4. Restructuring the manufacturing work in Australia 5. Legislative framework of labor relations in Australia 6. The Australian data 7. Tetsuo Abo's analytical Framrwork 8. 'Labor relations' in the UK and the US 9. Conclusion Tables: 1. Factory start-up years 2. Manufacturing sectors 3. Japanese management and production practices and success scores 4. Abo's research model of Japanese system 5. 'Labor Relations' adaptation scores 6. Ranking of 'Labor Relations'