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Zhao, Hang; Tong, Xin
An exploratory study on consumer decision-making styles of young Macau consumers
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Jun. 2010, Vol.20, No.1, pp. 31-49
Abstract : To verify the universality of consumer decision-making styles under different cultural backgrounds as well as to fill the gap in Macau consumers through the Consumer Style Inventory (CSI) approach initiated by Sproles and Kendall(1986). As a result, an eight-factor model of decision-making style of young Macau consumers was proposed. Five factors were originated from the US eight-factor model. Time-Energy Conserving and Price Consciousness, which were proposed by previous replication researches, were also found in Macau. Additionally, a new factor, Rational Shopper, was uncovered in the current study. Comparing findings with those of previous researches in different countries, similarities and differences in consumer decision-making style were generated and discussed. Further discussion on this researchhad suggested several business implications towards marketing. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 1.1. Consumer decision-making styles and the Consumers Styles Inventory (CSI) 1.2. Studies on consumer decision-making styles through the CSI approach 2. Data and methodology 2.1. Questionnaire 2.2. Sample 2.3. Data analysis method 3. Results and findings 3.1. Sample characteristics 3.2. Factor analysis results 3.3. Macau eight-factor model 4. Discussions 4.1. The specific characteristics of young Macau consumers 4.2. Comparison between young consumers in Macau and China 5. Conclusions and implications Tables: 1. Comparison of previous researches done in different countries except China 2. Demographic information 3. The eight-factor model of Macau young consumer decision-making styles 4. Comparison of findings of consumer decision-making styles of different countries and areas