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Zhang, Yi-Min; Chen, Kang-Min
A comparative study of economic development: The case of Shanghai and Taiwan
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Feb. 1995, No.8, pp. 35-50
Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Analysisi based on per capita GNP 3. Per capital production index and per capita living standard index 4. Some findings and conclusion Tables: 1. Comparison of average annual growth rate of per capital GNP in % 2. Indices selected for PCPDI and PCLSI classified by group 14 per capita indexes related to production Figures: 1. Per capital GNP in US$ 2. Per capital GNP growth rate 3. PCPDI 4. PCLSI 5. Annual growth rare of PCPDI&PCLSI 6. Time lag of PCPDI AND PCLSI between Taiwan and Shanghai 7. Relative per capital production index by group 8. Relative per capital living standard index by group