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Terpstra, Robert H; Lam, Keith SK
Ex-dividend price behavior: The Hong Kong experience
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Apr. 1997, No.13, pp. 5-18
Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Background and conceptual issues 3. The Hong Kong Setting 4. Data and empirical tests 5. Empirical results 6. Summary and conclusions Tables: 1. Comparison of selected MSCI country indices 2. Trading spreads for Hong Kong strocks 3. Empirical results 4. Ex-day Price behavior and divudend yields 5. Fall-off ratios (1,822 Observations) 6. Fall-off ratios (1,027 Observations) 7. Fall-off ratios Trading volume< 500,000 shares (795 Observations) 8. Relationship between intra-day Price variability and dividends (1,822 Observations)