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Salsbury, James; Davis Mark M
Death on the hightway: quality problems at ford and firestone
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Dec. 2003, Vol.13, No.2, pp. 247-264
Abstract : Bridgestone/Firestone's tire recall in August, 2000 set off a major investigation to determine what were the causes of the abnormally large number of blowouts that had occurred with their tires when they were mounted on Ford Exporters. There investigations were done not only by Ford and Firestone, the two companies involved, but also by Congress and lawyers seeking damages for individuals that were either killed or injured as a result of the blowouts. This case attempts to present, from a product quality perspective, the various issues that were related to manufacturing issues, and customer product usage issues. The goal of this case is to provide some insights into the different quality problems that can accumulate overtime and across organizational boundaries, to the point where there are major consequences for all the parties that are involved. Paragraph Headings: 1. Preface 1.1. The many dimensions of quality 1.2. Quality requires a long term commitment 1.3. Quality is cross-functional 1.4. The elements of total quality management 1.5. What goes up can come down 2. Death on the highway: quality problems at ford and firestone 2.1. Financial impact 2.2. Automobile design and manufacture 2.3. Tire deign and manufacture 2.4. Why was not the rollover problem discovered Sonner? 2.5. Other actions taken since the August 2000 recall 3. Postscript Figures: 1. Possible factors contributing to firestone tire failures and rollovers accidents on ford explorers