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Ramasamy, B; Hartono, OP
The road to ASEAN free trade area
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Aug. 1993, No.5, pp. 35-48
Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. ASEAN economic cooperation till 1992 3. The ASEAN industrial projects (AIPs) 4. The ASEAN industrial complementation (AIC) 5. The ASEAN inductiral joint ventures (AIJV) 6. The ASEAN preferential trade agreement (PTA) 7. Intra-ASEAN trade 8. AFTA and CEPT 9. The fast track: An analysis 10. Conclusion Tables: 1. Intra-ASEAN Trade (%) 2. CEPT: Introductions and exclusions 3. Intra-ASEAN Trade for products in the fast track (in US$'000) Figures: 1. Intra-ASEAN trade composition, 1990 (%)