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António, Nelson Santos; Foo, Lillian ; Trigo, Virgínia
Realities and hopes for SMEs in Macau: A research survey
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Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Aug. 1992, No.3, pp. 43-71
Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. What is small and medium enterprise (SME)? 3. SMEs and their ability to survive 4. The importance of SMEs in Macau and elsewhere 5. Research methodology 5.1. Sample selection 5.2. Questionnaire 5.3. Data collection 6. The Realities-Reserach findings 6.1. Problem diagnosis 7. The hopes: The development of Macau SMEs: Necessary support 8. Conclusions Tables: 1. Activities od SMEs reserached 2. Average sales revenue in the last three years 3. Number of workers 4. Gender of workers 5. Position held by interviewees 6. Problem diagnosis 7. Types of training required by SMEs 8. Quality control parctices. 10. Main environment factors considered 11. Main solution to difficulities faced by SMEs 12. Question: Do you think that the existing information meets your needs? If not, what kind of information is necessary? 13. Sources of information organizations 14. What field should the training and information action focus on? Figures: 1. Is absenteesim more serious in certain periods of the year? If yes, when? 2. Question: Do you think your products are prices competitive in foreign marker? If yes, what are the main dificultis in increasing (or diversifying) the destination of your exports? 3. Question: Do you plan and think of your business in terms of? 5. Sources od divulagation of information 6. Training of managers should be through 7. Issuance of information should be through