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Mochimaru, Kuniko
Globalization of HRM: From the viewpoint of education-training of local staffs employed in China by Japanese firms
Journal Name
Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Jun. 2002, Vol.12, No.1, pp. 57-66
Abstract : As Japanese firms expand their business in China, many Chinese come to Japan for training. This paper aims to analyze the HRM behavior of the Japanese firms in China from the viewpoint of education-training of local Chinese staffs and to consider what they should do to be successful in China and in the world. Analysis of published statistics and first-hand phone interviews with nine Japanese companies with firms in China were used to accomplish the aim. Education and training in Japan means a lot if a company is determined to be successful in global business. Paragraph Headings: 1. Research background 2. Research method 3. Finding and analysis 3.1. Findings from published statistical data 3.2. Findings from telephone interviews 3.3. Electric & electronics firms versus cosmetics firms 3.4. From the viewpoint of HCNs 4. Conclusions and suggestions Tables: 1. Direct investment to China/ Hong Kong by Japanese firms (in $ million) 2. Transition of number of Chinese in Japan 3. Number of Chinese with status of training, engineers, technicians and intra-company relocation 4. Education and training for local staffs of Japanese companies as of 1999 5. Education and training for local staffs of foreign companies in Japan as of 1997 6. Chinese operation/ education and training as of March 2002