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Mak, Carry KY; Hong, Jacky FL
An investigation of determinants of job satisfaction for Macau civil servants
Journal Name
Euro Asia Journal of Management
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Dec. 2010, Vol.20, No.2, pp. 175-191
Abstract : This quantitative study aims to examine the deteminants of job satisfaction for Macau civil servants. A survey was conducted with a sample of 189 government employees in Macau for testing three categories of antecedents, namely extrinsic, intrinsic and personal factors, and the related impact on overall job satisfaction. Our study results indicated that departmental pride was the most significant determinant of job satisfaction, while pay satisfaction, training opportunities, autonomy, skill variety, job security and satisfaction with client were found to be non-significant. Compared with earlier studies in private sectors and other countries, differences in results imply that job satisfaction is a dynamic concept, and different political, cultural and economic conditions create different impacts onto civil servants' job satisfaction. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Conceptual background and hypotheses 2.1. Job satisfaciton and its antecedents 2.2. Extrinsic factors 2.3. Intrinsic factors 2.4. Social factors 3. Methods 3.1. Sampling procedures 3.2. Measures 4. Results 4.1. Preliminary analysis 4.2. Main tests 5. Discussions 6. Conclusions Tables: 1. Means,standard deviations,intercorrelations among all the 13 study variables 2. Multiple regression analysis: effects of extrinsic factors, intrinsic factors and social factors on overall job satisfaction of Macau civil servants Figures: 1. Final conceptual model for civil servants job satisfaction