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Yan, Fei; Wu, Mingbai; Zhang, Zhu; Zhang, Liwei; Zhang, Changming
Factors affecting early morbidity after pneumonectomy
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2004年9月26日, Vol.4, No.3, pp. 162-166
Pneumonectomy; Risk factirs; Perioperative management
Objective To analyze factors affecting early morbidity after pneumonectomy and evaluate the principles of perioperative managements. Methods Between April 1983 and April 2003, 101 patients who underwent pneumonectomy were retrospectively reviewed, including primary lung cancer in 63 patients (62%) and benign pulmonary disease in 38 (38%). Factors affecting early morbidity with univariate and multivariate analysis. Results Postoperative complications occurred in 44 patients (44%), including major complications in 13 (13%) and death in 3 (3%). Factors affecting early morbidity with univariate analysis included RV/TLC%, intrapericardial dissection, extended resection, diffuse pleural adhesion, operative time, volume of intraoperative blood transfusion, hospital stay, postoperative hospital stay (p<0.05),associated disease, volume of intraoperative blood transfusion ,total drainage volume (p<0.01).Factors affecting morbidity with multivariate abnalysis included tuberculosis, associated cardiovascular disease,FEV1%,cancer, the volume of intraoperativecrysalloid u=infusion (total complication),tuberculosis, the volume of intraopericardial dissection, the volume of intraoperative saline infusion (cardiovascular complication),RV/TLC%, intrapericardiak dissection, the volume of intraoperative saline infusion (cardiovascular complication),the volume of intraoperative crystalloid infusion, associated cardiovascular disease (surgical related complication). Conclusion Multiple factors affected early morbidity after pneumonectimy. Appropriate selection and meticulous perioperative care are paramount to minimize risks in those patients who require pneumonectomy. Paragraph Headings: 1. Patients and methods 1.1. General data 1.2. Preoperative assessment 1.3. Operative procedures 1.4. Postoperative management 1.5. Data collection and statistical analyses 2. Results 3. Comment Tables: 1. Description and classification of complications after pneumonectomy 2. Factors that adversely affected postoperative morbidity with univariate analysis 3. Factors tha adversely affected postperative morbidity with multivariate analysis