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Zhang, Hongming
Labial-labial co-occurrence constraint cantonese
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Dec. 2008, 總第31/32期, pp. 46-56
Co-occurrence constraint;obligatory contour principle(OCP);syllable-structure building rules;redundancy rule;order of rule application;primary feature;seconary feature;feature geometry theory;tiers;fe
Abstract : This paper studies the phenomenon of labial-labial co-occurrence constraint in Cantonese, which is a long outstanding problem. The author tries to view the topic and reach a solution in a framework of the feature geometry theory. A new hypothesis is proposed here. If the trigger element is the primary feature, the redundancy rule will be applied after creating onsets and before creating codas; and the OCP is effective before the rule application. If it is the secondary feature, the redundancy rule should be applied after creating codas, and the OCP is effective after the rule application. The feature nodes in different tiers may have the different phonological behaviors, either by the difference in the order of the rule application or in the effect of the OCP. Supporting evidence for this hypothesis is not from Cantonese only, but also from some other non-Chineses languages. Paragraph Headings: 1. Introduction 2. Cantonese phonotacit background 3. Labial-labial co-occurrence constraint 4. Yip's proposal and its problem 5. New hypothesis