American Movie Archives (美國電影檔案)
Title: 17 Days: The Story of Newspaper History in the Making
Abstract: How a New York City newspaper delivery drivers' strike in 1945 failed to divert readers' interest in their favorite newspapers. Shows the newspapers of the day and huge lines of people outside newspaper offices waiting to purchase updated editions. In Kodachrome.
Notes: Produced: Unknown Run Time: 16:33 Audio/Visual: Sd, C
Keyword: Media: Newspapers;Labor: Strikes;New York City;Labor: Strikes;New York City
Review: Endlessly fascinating documentary about how New York dealt with a 17 day newspaper strike. Obviously financed by the newspapers themselves, the story focuses on how New Yorkers were determined to get their newspaper, no matter how long the line to get it was. Interesting how Unions were barely mentioned in the film. This is also a brilliant snapshot of 1940's New York. Highly reccomended.
Location: A/V room, 2/F